Directors:  Zeb Sharpe, Jackie Williams, Edna A. Thompson

Screenwriter:  Edna A. Thompson

Genre:  Gospel Play - - - Full Length Feature Film


14 yr old Elise gets fascinated with 18 yr old Jason, her 19 yr old sister Kimberly's best friend.  In a few intimate moments Elise trusts Jason, loses her virginity, and they get caught by Kimberly and Momma.  Everybody is on edge worried about Elise being pregnant, but they never tell Reverend True.


Directors:  Terrence Steele, Jr., Talwin Brunson

                     Jackie Williams, Edna A. Thompson

Screenwriter:  Edna A. Thompson

Genre:  Television Drama Series - - -Short Films Demos and The Callback Auditions


This product is perfect for those who enjoy watching bloopers.


Office Blue - Larry has a wife, Tabitha, who is suspicious that maybe he is cheating again.  Yes, he is with his secretary, Mickey; and is working on his new secretary, Arlena.  Mickey is still married to Jerome, but her best friend, Jasmine has secretly started a relationship with him.  Jasmine goes by Mickey's job with Jerome, and Mickey catches her and guesses why she is there.  David is the photographer, who loves drama, and instigating.  Watch to see what they do, in the world of "Office Blue".  

Office Blue "Summer Rash" - The staff is at a summer resort, and has agreed to allow Dr. Andrews to counsel them as a group, so they can get back to having fun, expecting something simple.  He gives the A.I.D.S. talk.  This causes a panic and a hindsight reflection of indiscretions.